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Our Products

EREENCO offers complex engineering products to many industries including Electrical, automotive, consumer electronics, and healthcare. Every organization we work with benefits from over 15 years of experience, innovation, and techniques that have redefined the manufacturing industry. We work with number of manufacturing facilities in China and India, and consistently deliver value through engineering expertise, efficient operations, and Advanced Quality Planning systems. We also offer ODM/OEM services.

Products offered

1. Precision CNC machined components.
2. Electrical Installation material.
3. Sheet Metal stampings and tooling’s.
4. Ferrous/ non ferrous forgings and castings.
5. Special alloy fasteners, rivets, clamps.
6. Plastic and metal injection molded parts.
7. Light assemblies & product kitting.

Major Manufacturing

  • CNC machining (400 sets of machines, Milling/ Lathe, accuracy +/-2um)
  • Precision metal stamping machines ranging from 45 to 400 ton capacity
  • Aluminum Die casting (8 sets of machines, accuracy +/- 0.05mm, Tonnage 250-500T)
  • One-stop service (plastic injection, surface finishing, auto-cleaning, turn-key assembly)
  • Full complement of 50 to 3000- Ton forging press/hammers. Special presses are also available for close tolerance work, enhancing surface finish, flatness, and mechanical properties. Forging, trimming and coining dies are produced in-house by our experienced toolmakers
  • ODM/ OEM service offer


  • QMS well in-placed (ISO-9001/ ISO-14001/ ISO/TS16949/ ISO13485)
  • Real time SPC in-process control
  • In-house QA Laboratory (CMM center, Chemical analysis, ESD, Reliability test & Calibration)
  • Faster response time (2-5-7 days commitment)


  • Specialized team of Product/ Process Development, Project,Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
  • Solid experience in Customer Concept Realization
  • Fast prototype service
  • In-house tooling shop (mold/ fixture/ special tools design and fabrication)
  • Professional in Solid works & Pro-E, CAD/CAM

Get to know About Our

Sub Assemblies small mechanical assemblies

Special Alloy fasteners Rivets, clamps

Sheet Metal Stampings and Tooling's

Electrical Installation Material

Ferrous/ Nonferrous Forgings And Castings

Precision CNC Machined components

What Our Client’s Say

A business owner said once: “the young can run faster but the old know the shortcuts.
In the words of Abraham Lincoln “Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.”

We have been using EREENCO services since 2 years and I have to say that it has transformed the way we do business.

Ales Koukola CEO

EREENCO has been great resource for us. The simplified and tailormade solutions have helped us to reduce non value added costs and stay competitive.


We tried something new and It worked. EREENCO has professional staff and they deliver it on time.