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Our comprehensive supply chain solutions for customers aimed at reducing total cost of ownership. We aim to reduce total cost of ownerships through reduction in inventory holding cost, Just in time/Kanban inventory, real time visibility, advance warning systems for stock out situations, vendor management, business process reengineering, Quality audits, engineering support for new product development, Value engineering, value analysis, supplier and product risk management, etc

Benefits to customers-

Increased Revenues: Customer On-Time, In-Full (OTIF); Lead Time Reduction; Customer Satisfaction
Reduced Operating Costs: Supply Chain Waste Reduction; Reduced Total Cost of Fulfillment
Working Capital Improvement: Raw, WIP, Finished Goods Inventory Reduction; Receivable and Accounts Payable Improvement
Reduced Lead Time: Flow and Supply Chain Waste Reduction
Supply Chain Performance: Right Product, Right Place, Right Time, Right Quantity, Right Service, Right Cost, Right Price
Supply Chain Stability: Through Standardization, Quality at the Source, Reduced Complexity and Implementation of Flow

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