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Get To Know About
Our Services

We are an engineering services company with a special purpose: to help our business partners grow more, save more, innovate more

Complex Engineering
& Green Products

When you are sourcing and developing a complex engineering product, you need a partner you can trust. Besides, there are more and more environmental concerns that can only be addressed through green initiatives in terms of production, servicing and manufacturing. We help our customers to bring the green product into life, Innovate and save costs. Our customers trust us because we do what we say.

At EREENCO, we are the problem solvers. Our focus is to fully understand your needs, from the complexities of sourcing, to technical engineering, to the cost demands of your industry. Whether we’re engineering a solution, figuring out complex manufacturing, or guiding your idea all the way through.

Logistics and

Our well thought custom solutions generate mid-stream cost efficiencies and minimize the risks associated with hand-off between suppliers, forwarders, and service providers. We encourage customers to outsource non value-added activities.

  • Short to long-term storage flexibility
  • Pick & pack and re-work services
  • Light assembling, Kitting, Kanban, JIT
  • Dispatch and distribution management
  • Returns & refusal management service
  • Pre-dispatch inspection
  • Inventory control and stock management

Marketing and
Business Development

In today’s era, the focus of all the businesses is getting connected in the spot of growing your network and expanding your business. Since technology has taken the ordinary into the extraordinary, it has become necessary for businesses to stay in-the-know and compete effectively. We search the partners and connects the businesses, the link between all the internal segments (marketing, sales, product development, customer service) in one functional and operating company and the external ones (potential partnerships, new business opportunities, customer relations, reduced overheads), as well. EREENCO believes in creating long term value for its business partners and stake holders.

End to End
Supply Chain Solutions

Our comprehensive supply chain solutions for customers aimed at reducing total cost of ownership. We aim to reduce total cost of ownerships through reduction in inventory holding cost, Just in time/Kanban inventory, real time visibility, advance warning systems for stock out situations, vendor management, business process reengineering, Quality audits, engineering support for new product development, Value engineering, value analysis, supplier and product risk management, etc

Benefits to customers-

Increased Revenues: Customer On-Time, In-Full (OTIF); Lead Time Reduction; Customer Satisfaction
Reduced Operating Costs: Supply Chain Waste Reduction; Reduced Total Cost of Fulfillment
Working Capital Improvement: Raw, WIP, Finished Goods Inventory Reduction; Receivable and Accounts Payable Improvement
Reduced Lead Time: Flow and Supply Chain Waste Reduction
Supply Chain Performance: Right Product, Right Place, Right Time, Right Quantity, Right Service, Right Cost, Right Price
Supply Chain Stability: Through Standardization, Quality at the Source, Reduced Complexity and Implementation of Flow

Get to know About Our

Sub Assemblies small mechanical assemblies

Special Alloy fasteners Rivets, clamps

Sheet Metal Stampings and Tooling's

Electrical Installation Material

Ferrous/ Nonferrous Forgings And Castings

Precision CNC Machined components

What Our Client’s Say

A business owner said once: “the young can run faster but the old know the shortcuts.
In the words of Abraham Lincoln “Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.”

We have been using EREENCO services since 2 years and I have to say that it has transformed the way we do business.

Ales Koukola CEO

EREENCO has been great resource for us. The simplified and tailormade solutions have helped us to reduce non value added costs and stay competitive.


We tried something new and It worked. EREENCO has professional staff and they deliver it on time.